Sulcisis, in geological terms, the oldest area of Sardinia.
In this region, as in an amphitheatre girdled by sumptuous mountains, the shifting landscape slopes downwards through rolling hills, finally being transformed into a seaside territory strewn with fine white beaches.
The unspoilt homeland of an explosive biodiversity, this corner of Sardinia regales visitors with an array of unrivalled natural attractions: pinewoods, salt pits and islands that appear to coexist only with the most ancient traditions of the peoples that have inhabited them.
The coast, a mining heritage under the protection of UNESCO, is guardian to outstanding treasures, including archaeological sites and finds dating to the Nuragic, Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine cultures, as well as the only catacombs in the whole of Sardinia.
Ancient traditions handed down over the centuries, in a journey that knits art and flavours wonderfully together. Typical produce and prized delicacies make Sulcis a veritable treasure trove for the gourmand.